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I am a singer/songwriter, piano teacher, worship leader, and co-founder of FACE of Harvest, a Christian faith-based international humanitarian emergency relief agency (nonprofit NGO). I am married to a wonderful man of 11 years, Brian. He has been a wonderful example of Jesus in my life and I am honored to know such a strong, gentle, and loving example of a man.

I teach piano to children privately and adults through the School of Worship at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. So, it is a bit interesting that I recently attained a Business Degree at Vanguard University. That was a journey God took me on and I am grateful for the learning.

I have been writing songs since I was 12, playing the piano since I was 5, and singing with my mom (who writes, sings, plays, and teaches guitar) since I can remember. I have two brothers I love and are also musical: Ruben and Richard; a sister-n-law, Tina, married to my brother, Ruben, and they’ve given our family a niece, Selah who sings and plays the violin and guitar, and nephew who sings and will most likely play an instrument.

I love to lead worship, love to share my songs, but sometimes feel terrified when I’ve agreed to a concert or special music – BUT, that all melts away as soon as I sit at the piano, open my mouth, and expect God to do what He wants to do in that moment. Not by might, not by power, but by MY SPIRIT says the Lord. I hold Him to that in those instances and He never fails me.
I have recorded two CDs: Until I Hear You and Five O’Clock – the latest release. I have written more songs than I can remember and have many in the works.

I usually work from a melody and use lyrics I’ve written down or circled in my Bible to begin building a concept. I grab so many lessons from Oswald Chamber’s My Utmost For His Highest. I also am struck during a teaching at a church service or even in general conversation.

I am patient in my writing, as God’s timing is perfect. Through this latest project, Danny D. pushed me to write and rewrite: it definitely paid off. It is so hard to walk away from something you initially wrote. I now understand more, the meaning of diligence and excellence in songwriting as an art form that expresses to God what we cannot express superficially but must meditate, ponder, and dig deep to find. God has to be our ultimate inspiration because I am pretty sure he is the definition of inspiration having created the world and music and all.

I love to run and am running my first half-marathon (August 21,2011) to raise money for the FACE of Harvest Medical Clinic I am helping to open in Africa.

I understand Spanish fluently and speak it, but am a little out of practice. I have translated one of my song choruses into Swahili. I love traveling all over the world and have been able to do so while sharing songs and times of worship. I love Jesus who died on the cross for my sins, rose again, and promises to return again someday. I long to live a surrendered life, fall short, but He always picks me up. I trust God and have decided to follow HIM WHEREVER He Leads me whatever the cost.

Want to know anything else? Just email me and ask.

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