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Album - Five O'Clock

1. I Will Follow

I will follow where you lead
Up mountains, valleys deep
I’ll take the journey that You’ve set for me
I’ll trust I’m in Your keep

In the dead of night when the darkness drowns
And I wait to breathe until the light of dawn
I can only see with my memory
Every promise that You have rescued me

In the valleys deep shadows cast their doubt
Steepest cliffs renege all hopes of getting out
Oh morning dawns the day
Your light becomes my path
Your joy my strength to reach
This higher ground at last

Look up redemption draws nigh
Look up, look up, not to the left nor the right
Look up, redemption draws nigh
Look up, fix your eyes on Jesus Christ

2. Overflow

Good Shepherd, I lie down in green pastures,
It’s where You lead me
Good Shepherd, I sit beside still waters
Where You restore my soul
Though I walk through the
Valley of the shadow of death
I won’t fear, no, for You are with me.

Fill my cup, till it overflows.
Fill my heart with Your love for this world
Fill my mind with the knowledge of you
Fill my cup till it overflows.

Good Shepherd, You lead me
In the path of righteousness
Good Shepherd, I’ll live
In Your house forever and ever and ever
Though I walk through the
Valley of the shadow of death
I won’t fear, no, no, for You are with me.

3. Five O’clock

Five O’clock in the morning and
Its still dark outside, I hear the alarm
Nowhere to go this morning
(V2-I feel the load this morning,
V3-I’ve got to go this morning) but it’s
Time to wake up, time to wake up
There’s a Savior who never sleeps,
Spirit who wants to speak,
We’ll hear if we’re listening
We’ve got to wake up, it’s time to wake up

Speak Spirit speak, God, I’m here I’m listening
The noise of this world was drowning You out
So early this morning I’m seek You now

The cares of this world are choking you out
The worries of this world are weighing you down
All you hold hear, what your hands hold onto
It will all fail lest I build it for you
Time for you to wake up, look around
Time to surrender and lay it all down.

When the cares of this world are choking you out
Worries of this world are weighing you down
Lay it all down

I’m here, I’m listening
So early this morning, I’m seeking You out
Lay it all down, lay it all down
Five O’clock in the morning and
It’s still dark outside.

4. The Savior (Will You Go)

Like one lost out at sea
Daylight above, darkness below
The earth waited to swallow me
As I began to sink
Desperation became my reality
As the terror of night fell
I recalled the words of the ones
Who spoke of a Savior
Then I heard my voice crying out
To God, “Help me please!”
I needed the Savior
I needed the Savior, He saved me

Now one being called out to go
Your life before me
My death behind
Darkness still tries to swallow me
Into Your light, I run
Hope becomes my reality
In the Joy of Your morning
You reveal the Lost crying out to you,
“Help me, please!”
I hear Your voice crying out to me,
“Will you go?”
This world needs the Savior

Once was lost but now I’m found
Now that I am safe and sound
Will I stay here?
Lord fill me up to be poured out
To listen, obey, go out
Be the hands and feet that go
Be the voice who sings Your
Song of Hope
Will you go?

5. Kindness

Lord, You’re patient with me
When I am looking down
And I get turned around
You’re never angry with me
With my hands on my ears,
You still call out to me

It’s Your Kindness that draws me
Kindness that leads me
Your kindness causes me to fall down on my knees.

You’re Abba Father to me, as Your child I know
You still discipline me. You’re never harsh with me
Though I rejected you, still You gave Your life for me

You pick me up, turn me around
You pick me up, turn me around
When I’m looking down

6. Lay It Down

There’s only One who pardons sin
Only One who forgives
Transgressions great, forgiveness for
All who trust in Jesus’ Name

On the cross His work was done
Forgiveness to all who would come
To find acceptance from the Father
Through the blood of His Son

Confess your sin to one another
Lay it down, lay it down
Find your healing from the Father
Lay it down, Lay it down.

He promised we’d never be alone
Counselor, Healer makes His home
Spirit of God, for all who yield,
Gives the strength to overcome


7. Take a Ride

Plant in a pot on my balcony
Waiting for the sun to shine
Oh the clouds are hanging low today
No rain, only gray

Let’s take a ride on a plane
Rise above the gloom of this day
Blue sky, yellow sun, green grass, lots of space

So you’ve got a worry or two in your head
Waiting for the Son to shine
Oh the doubt is hanging low today
No hope, only dazed

Rise above the gloom of this day
O there isn’t room for any doubt
We’re soaring through the skies
And we can’t be weighed down

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and
Lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him
He will make your path straight
Let’s take a ride

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh
Blue skies, blue skies sun will shine
Yellow sun, green grass lots of space
Blue skies, blue skies sun will shine
Yellow sun, hello sunshine

8. The Lord Is My Light (Psalm 27)

The Lord is my light and my salvation
Whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life
Of whom shall I be afraid?

I am still confident
I will see the goodness of the Lord
Wait on the Lord, Be strong and take heart

9. Send Me

In days when words were spoken, rarely wrote
Creator of the universe revealed Himself to chosen ones
Glory filled the earth, a man undone
One who rendered self to servant crying out to God

Here I am, here I am oh God
Here I am, send me, send me
Here I am, here I am oh God
Here I am, send me

In present days His spoken words are wrote
Creator of the universe reveals Himself to us
A glimpse of glory, now I am undone
Now I render self to servant crying out to God

So now we realize that God is calling
All those who believe
To pick up our cross and follow God
And deep within our spirit, we’ll cry out,
We’ll cry out

10. You Are Near
(Recorded Live in The Barn)

When the hurt cuts deep
Down our faces tears roam free
You are near to us

When it can’t be explained,
There is nothing left to say
You are near to us

You are near to the broken hearted
Near to the troubled soul
You’re near, You are near
You are near

When the loss is great
Time alone just will not heal
You are near to us

Into your arms we’ll fall
Deeper still with every tear
You are near to us

You are near in the darkest hour
Near to the ones who mourn
You’re near, You are near
You are near

With strength in Your joy
Comfort in Your love
Promise of Life
You are near
Jesus, You are Near

All Lyrics and Music by Elva Frye except: I Will Follow (Brian and Elva Frye lyrics, Bridge 1 arranged by Danny Donnelly), Five O’clock: (Tag ending by Danny D.), Take A Ride (Male vocal lyrics Danny D.), The Lord is my Light (Brian and Elva Frye), Your Kindness (Bridge arrangement by Danny D.), Send Me (Bridge music by Danny D.

Instruments, vocals, mixing
Elva Frye: vocals, background vocals, piano, keyboards, & glockenspiel
Danny Donnelly @The Barn: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, melodica, bass, drums, percussion, midi and loops, props, BGV, mix, musical accoutrements, mixing, and producer.
Children’s Choir: Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage Children, Nakuru, Kenya, Africa

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