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Album - Until I Hear You

1. Everyday

I’m pressing onwards leaving
All that’s behind me
Every burden every weight
Every sin, You forgive

I will wait for You
As You comfort and lead me
I will wait for You,
Everyday, everyday
Everyday I need You
Everyday I seek You
Everyday I find You Jesus everyday

I’m pressing onwards towards the goal
To win the prize for which my God
You’re calling me, heavenward
In Christ Jesus

Oh Holy Spirit walk with me
Fill me, fall on me
To live this life of victory
Everyday, everyday

2. Only You, Jesus

I’m holding on, to only You, Jesus
You have the words of life
I’ll fix my eyes, on only You, Jesus
You are the Way, the Truth, the Life

Holy, Holy Lord
Holy Lamb of God
I believe (I believe)
Holy, Holy Lord
Holy Lamb of God
I believe

My soul is safe, my life is found in You
You are the Giver of Life
My thirst is quenched, my hunger is satisfied
You are the Bread of Life

Who can I run to?
Who is the only Way to Life
You, only You, Jesus

3. All Of Me

Lord, how good You are
Your love consumes my heart
Your will is mine to keep
Lord, how good You are

My heart, my mind, my soul
My will, my strength, my desires
I give them all to You
To keep within Your power

I surrender to You, my life
I surrender to You, all of me

Scriptures that inspired this song: Deut. 6:4-9
As a Pastor’s kid, I struggled in my walk with the Lord in my early college years. Despite that, I knew in my heart that Jesus was calling me. One day while driving my car, I spontaneously sang this song. I got home and played it on the piano. Though I was weak, my spirit within me was crying out for God. I am ever so grateful for His faithful tugging on my heart, mind, and soul. If you hear His voice today, surrender to Him

4. When I Cried

As I sit here in Your presence
I wonder do You hear me
As I gaze into Your awesome light
I see You are near me
And every moment that I spend without You
I realize I am lost
But You’re teaching me the way to live
And just how to love

And when I cried
You came and cried with me
And when I called Your name
That’s when You came
And now I know
That You’re my Daddy in heaven

When I forget all about You
You still remember me
You’re a friend forever till the end
You’re closer than a brother
You’re brighter than the sun
Greater than anything
You are the Great I AM
And You sent Your Son to die for me
So that I could live forever

5. Until I Hear You

My eyes fail from weeping
My heart is poured out on the ground
But Lord, in my affliction, in my suffering
I call to mind

Great is Your faithfulness
My eyes flow unceasingly, without relief
You look on me and You see me
Great is Your faithfulness

My heart fails in my weakness
My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak
Oh, but Lord in my affliction, in my wandering
I call to mind

Sitting in the silence waiting quietly
I am sitting in the silence waiting quietly
Until I hear You, whisper

Do not fear, child I’m with you
Do not fear, child I hear you
I see you, I’m near you

6. Changed By You

Lord it’s me alone
Bowing before Your throne of grace
Filled with pride and sin
Won’t You cleanse me from within

Lord I have nothing else
To give You but myself
I’m filled with pride and sin
Won’t You cleanse me from within

I want to be changed by You
So I can be used by You
I want to be changed by You
So I can worship in Spirit and in truth
I want to be changed by You

I want to be changed by You
So I can be used by You
I want to be touched by You
So I can be healed by You
I want to be filled by You
So I can be led by You
I want to be changed by You
So I can worship in Spirit and in truth
I want to be changed by You

Scripture Reference: Matthew 23: 25-26; Luke 7:47-50; Ephesians 4:21-23; Hebrews 4:16
Growing up in church, I thought I had heard all the messages, and thought I knew everything there was to know about God, church, and the Bible. However, in my walk with the Lord, I discovered how selfish I can be, even as a Christian. The self-righteousness I felt was exposed in the Light of God’s word and through prayer. I became so desperate for Him to change me, so that he could use me. I knew, that in my flesh—my self-righteousness, I could not be used. If we ask Him sincerely, He will change us. He will use us. Just ask Him. “Lord, will you include me in Your plan? Please change me.”
Lyrics and music by Elva Frye. Thanks to Scott Cunningham, Rachel Guerriero, and Sandra Florio for the last minute brainstorm.

7. Deliver Me

The Lord is my Rock, and my Fortress
My Deliverer
In Him will I, put my trust

I will call upon the Lord
Who is worthy to be praised
I will call upon the Lord
Who is worthy to be praised
So shall I be saved

Redeemer, Redeemer come quickly
Tarry no more
Deliver me, o--oh Lord Jesus

Biblical passages that inspired the song: 2 Sam 22:1-4 -- King David sang these words after the Lord delivered Him from Saul.
My sweet sister in the Lord, Ginger, suggested that my husband Brian and I write a song using this passage of scripture. Deliver Me became a deep prayer for both of us. We included this song on our CD that we dedicated to the parents, family, and friends of Lexi Bender, our 4-year friend who went to be with the Lord. We are always reminded of them in our prayers. Come, Lord Jesus, come; that we, and all our loved ones who love You, will be reunited.

8. On The Rock

Though the walls around me may fall
I will stand
I’m on the Rock

And the waves they crash against me
But I’ll stand
I’m on the Rock

I’m on the Rock
My Jesus, My Jesus, I’m on the Rock
And I will stand, I will stand

All the weapons formed against me shall fail
I’m on the Rock
For my God has won over death and sin
And forever I’ll stand on the Rock

Scripture that inspired the song: Isaiah 54:17; Matthew 7:24-27; Mark 4:39; 1 Corinthians 10:4
Life’s circumstances were heavy when I wrote this song. The Lord reminded me that if I truly trusted in Him, I would stand on the Rock and nothing would move me. Emotions, thoughts, and our responses to life circumstances are directly related to where we stand. Let us depend on the only dependable One, Jesus.

9. Hoping In You

In this matter Lord, I brought my request
To You in prayer
And though the answer seems to be, “not yet”
Still I’m hoping, still I’m trusting

You are the Hope, I am holding on to
I am trusting, I am hoping in You

The prayers of the righteous availeth much
That’s a promise I’m holding on to
Whatever I ask in Your name, I’ll receive,
if I believe
That’s a promise I’m holding on to

Not my will be done, but Yours Jesus
This is my most urgent request
Yet I know that, You know best

10. For Who You Are

I love You
Not for what You do, for me
I love You
Not for the gifts You give
Yet they are good

I love You, for who You are

Faithful God
Coming King
You are unchanging
You will come
For all those who believe

Scripture that inspired this song:
The life of David, a worshipper, has been an inspiration to me. He knew God anointed Him as king over Israel and trusted that if God said it, He did it. After the fulfillment of God’s promise, David encountered ridicule, war, family rivalry, and his own sins—(murder and adultery).

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