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Calvary Chapel Missions Conference Murrietta

Lord, thank you for all of the missionaries, pastors, and brothers/sisters in Christ who were such an encouragement to me. Thank you Lord for Your call on ALL of our lives to love You, seek You FIRST, abide in You, and be found in You-- in doing so, You send us where You want us to go, and You Love the people around us through us. Please give us boldness in this hour to proclaim Your love and Salvation to all who we meet.

Several Calvary Chapel Missionaries spoke on God's work in their lives and the lives around them. Brother Richared Bennet was used by God GREATLY. If you have the opportunity, get the MP3's of the 2008 Calvary Chapel Mission's Conference.

K.P. Yohannan spoke at this weeks mission's conference and said some very deep things concerning the lost. Let us begin praying and fasting for the lost around us - our families, neighbors, strangers that we come in contact with. How can we sit in our living rooms and sit on our couches without an urgency to share Christ's gift of Salvation? If we are not urgently praying and fasting, then there is something sadly wrong with us in our Christian walk. We should not be condemned by this, but convicted and rise to action. Let us support those in the mission field with our prayers, fasting, correspondance, and financial support.

May Jesus give us a broken heart for the lost. My husband and I just began reading "REVOLUTION in World Missions" by K.P. Yohannan.

If you find your heart moved by just the mention of this, please visit:

Calvary Magazine - Read about how to support and pray for Calvary Chapel Missionaries
Gospel for Asia, K.P. Yohannan
Far Reaching Ministries - A missionary organization in fellowship with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.


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